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Christianity and islam

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1 Christianity and islam on Fri Jan 04, 2013 11:33 am


Christianity and Islam share a historical and traditional connection. The two faiths share a common origin in the Middle East [ 2 ] and Muslims consider Christians (and Jews) to be People of the Book . Belief in the Injil (the original Gospel of Jesus ) is an important part of Islamic theology , although Muslims view the current Gospels as corrupted . The bond extends even further, with the Islamic Prophet Muhammad instructing Muslims to defend the Christian faith from aggressors in certain circumstances after treaties of peace have been signed, such as in the document called the Achtiname of Muhammad . Islam and Christianity share the twin commandments of the paramountimportance of loving God and loving one's neighbor, although the interpretations of these statements differ greatly between the two traditions, and, indeed, vary between all three Abrahamic religions . [ 3 ]
Despite the similarities between the two faiths there are some major theological differences. Islam denies that God can be divided into a Trinity and consider this division of God's Oneness to be a grave sin ( Shirk ). Muslims see Jesus as the last prophet sent to the Children of Israel and the Messiah (Masih) miraculously born of the Virgin Mary ( Maryām ), but do not believe that he is the Son of God or divine .

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