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Why I Write What I Wrote The Magic Of Words

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1 Why I Write What I Wrote The Magic Of Words on Thu Jan 31, 2013 7:45 pm


Oftentimes the one thing that keeps a writer from writing is the so-called writer's block. It occurs when a writer's mind suddenly stops from creating ideas. But I tried to deviate myself from this situation since writing becomes my source of income nowadays. It's the same with other profession. If your work becomes routinely, your mind drifts off to faraway land where you wanted to go. Meaning your bored and you wanted to do something different. But life as it is should not be like that if you wanted to achieve something. You have to harness your mind, refresh your thoughts and meditate for a while togive yourself a break. But you must not stop yourself from doing a thing that will keep you from achieving the success you wanted. At the beginning I simply wrote for self indulgence. I wanted to write ideas, thoughts, or events that I can't express through verbal means. And it evolves into hobby. The hobby becomes a talent. And the talent becomes a skill that earned me myvalue as a person. Your life is your mirror to the world. And before you know it, your story becomes the story of the world. You become the instrument of ideas Listening is the best value that earned me practical ideas about life. You don't have to be a PhD degree holder to put into writings the realities about life. Because life as we see it is a mirror of what we constantly encounter everyday. When I have problems, I took the stand of what other people do in solvingthis kind of problem. I begun to observe, to gather ideas and to listen to what common people feel about the situation. Ideas come from the mind of a person who puts himself in the shoes of the other person. And in order to fit the shoes you have to feel the life they had. It's difficult actually if you think about it. Like an actor playing a role, you have to feel and live their life in order to show the best action for the screen. People will feel when you write ideas based on facts. And sometimes it's best to read articles that speak about life in the simplest ways. You feel the desire to influence and to reach out to people You know it when your writings influence people. You'll know it when you yourself is also moved and influence by your words. When you write positive ideas, you are also feeding your mind of ideas that will help people about the practical ways of improving life on an optimistic perspective. And when you walk out of your working table, your mind has been fed with positive ideas. Meaning you have influenced your life from the writings you have made. The best way to write is to move the reader into believing that your words are real it maybe a fiction or not. Like a leader who wanted to influence his follower, you have to take the stand and show to the world that you are living the life you are teaching. When you say you wanted to stop corruption from plaguing the nation, you have to take a stand and fight againstthe system of corruption. Because if you only speak words or write words merely to talk things through, you are like a gong that doesn't make noise.

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