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A Cool Way To Stay Fit

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1A Cool Way To Stay Fit Empty A Cool Way To Stay Fit on Mon Jan 28, 2013 4:17 am


The enjoyable and effective Aquafit exercises are gaining in popularity across the country. These water-based routines are easy on the body, offering natural resistance and support, making it easier for people to perform the prescribed movements effortlessly, without the fear of injury. A fitness club now offers aquafit exercises in different formats to suit the needs of its members. Trainers often workto personalize the routines, so that it caters to specific health or age requirements, enabling them to experiment with this form of exercise.
Types of Aquafit Activities
Fitness clubs have come up with their own exciting formats of aquafit programs, simply to meet specific needs of their members as well as provide an interesting variation to an otherwise mundane fitness regimen.
Aqua Aerobics -- Basically, aerobic moves are performed underwater against the resistance of water, which certainly is denser that air.
Aqua Jogging -- A simple jog underwater offers a better cardio workout than running on land. The pace can gradually be worked upto increase the pressure on the body.
Aquafusion -- This program looks to combine different aquafit exercises with moves of yoga, pilates training, and Tai Chi.
Aqualates -- Offer a mix of pilates strengthening routines along with the regularaquafit exercises.
The actual exercises included in these programs are bound to vary across fitness clubs. The type of water may vary with few programs being conducted in salt-water pools.
Benefits of Aquafit Exercises
Water is an immensely beneficial training medium that offers both resistance and support to the human body. It certainly is difficult to exercise in water, requiring more energy to stay balanced and complete the movement. However, the impact on the body is quite less when compared to exercising on land.
The body is less prone to injury; joints and muscles are comfortably cushioned and well-cooled, even as they are worked out vigorously.
Water instantly reaches out to all muscles of the body, even those not in regular use, forcing them to respond to the stimulus. Theseroutines work to improve strength, tone muscles and boost cardiovascular activity, thereby allowing the body to counter high blood pressure, blood sugar and obesity naturally.
The main benefit of aquafit exercises is that they are group exercises and, hence, relaxing and enjoyable. Participants are not required to know swimming or perform synchronized moves to match the rest of the class, and it is okay to adopt a natural comfortable pace of movement during the workout sessions.
About Author
Aquafit exercises are suitable for all age groups and medical conditions. Senior citizens, pregnant women, as well as those who are overweight, recovering from surgery or injuries or other illness can equally benefit from water-based exercises. Working out in the water at your local fitness club is a delightful way to shed extra weight and get in shape. Professional trainers guide the group through the session, offering appropriate individual variations to increase the complexity of the training. Aquafit sessions offer a cool, efficient and fun way to stay fit, without having to worry about age, health or injuries.
Keywords: health, fitness, fitness club, gym, aquafit exercises, low impact exercises

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