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How to Keep your Kids Away from Junk Food?

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1 How to Keep your Kids Away from Junk Food? Empty How to Keep your Kids Away from Junk Food? on Fri Jan 04, 2013 6:37 pm


We live in an addiction-prone society, but of all the addictions out there, one of the most deadly is one that is most often overlooked: Junk food. The term "junk food" refers to any food that is high in calories, fat, salt, and sugar without bringing any nutritional value to the table. Factors contributing to labeling as junk food are high levels of refined sugar, white flour, trans fatand saturated fat, salt, and additives such as preservatives and coloring agents. Others includelack of proteins , vitamins , fiber and other nutrients for a healthy diet. Unfortunately, this food is usually convenient, tasty, and extremely addictive. It seems to have engulfed every age; every race and the newest entrants are children.
Children find themselves amidst a complex society that is undergoing breathtaking changes.Concepts, relationships, lifestyles are metamorphisized to accommodate the new jet-setting age. Healthy nutritious foods have been replaced by the new food mantra, "JUNK FOOD!" Wafers, colas, pizzas and burgers are suddenly the most important thing. It is quick, tasty, convenient and fashionable.
What are the affects of junk food?
To prove the ill effects of junk foods, a British film maker went on a diet of fast foods containing burger/pizza/rolls etc which were brought from a popular fast food restaurant. When he began the program he was physically fit, on his target weight and with no medical problems. He recorded his day to day diet along with all his health check-ups on camera. Slowly, the effect of the diet started on his body. His blood cholesterol steadily started rising, his blood pressure rose and worst of all, his liver started showing the ill-effects of his diet. Finally, when he reached the end of the month, his doctors had to force him to stop his fast food diet.Through such a dramatic act, he may have proved his point but the unfortunate situation is that a very large chunk of people still believe that junk foods can not be all that bad!
Most of the times these junk foods are laced withcolors, those are often inedible, carcinogenic andharmful to the body. These foods and their colorscan affect digestive systems, the effects of it emerging after many years. Studies have found that food coloring can cause hyperactivity and lapses of concentration in children. Chocolates, colas, flavored drinks and snack are full of artificial coloring. Osteoporosis and hypertension are other diseases that appear to have their earliest roots in childhood when lifelong eating habits are being formed. Children are especially vulnerable. Poor diets can slow growth, decay new teeth, promote obesity and sow the seeds of infirmity and debilitating disease that ultimately lead to incurable disease and death orworse make life insufferable.
How to keep my child away from junk food?
Although we all know that junk foods will not make our children healthy, we are finding it difficult to avoid them because they are almost everywhere from television commercials, print ads and groceries. However, it is our duty as parents to think of effective ways and follow them religiously. Some tips can be:
*. The best time to start to teach your child is when he starts to eat. Introduce to him healthy foods like fruits, milk etc.
*. Your child needs to know and understand the effect of junk foods to his body. A visible food chart can definitely help a lot. It is better if you will put it in his room and near his bed.
*. Never give him junk food as a reward for the good things he achieved.
*. If you are outside and celebrating a certain occasion, look for a healthy restaurant.
*. Parents should discourage birthday treats to begiven at junk food restaurants.
*. Do not feel bad about not allowing your child such foods every other day. You are doing the right thing.
*. You probably can't control every last morsel that goes into your kid's mouth. But you can pack their lunch and supervise them at every turn.
*. Create healthy fun-food alternatives for your child at home. Healthy foods need not be boring to eat. Use your artistic instinct.
*. Get your child to be active, it is as important as eating and sleeping. Encourage him to participate in any physical activity which can besports, dance etc.
*. But of course, if you want your kids to eat healthy foods, you have to model that behaviorfor them by choosing healthy foods yourself.
There is simply no substitute for the feeling that descends, when you wake up and find that you are ready to take on the world and this primarily stems from GOOD HEALTH! There is no better time than now to build a supportive environmentfor nurturing our children and endowing them with a legacy of good health

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