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OH GOD WE PRAY THEE, SAVE US FROM AKPORS (AKPORS' JOKE COLLECTION) JUST ENJOY IT. An angry wife (Ekaitte) 2 her husband (Akpors) on
phone. Ekaitte: Where the hell are you? ... Akpors: Honey, u remember dat gold shop where
u saw the diamond necklace & totally fell in luv wit
it? Ekaitte (relaxed): Yes, my king Akpors: Remember I had no cash 2 buy it 4 u dat
day & I said I will buy it 4 u one day? Ekaitte (totally relaxed with a smile & a blush): Yes I
remember my love! Akpors: Good, I am in a beer palour next to that
=============== ­=============== ­==== AKPORS IN A BIBLE STUDY CLASS Teacher: What is the surname of Lazarus that Jesus
rose from the death? Akpors: COMFORT Teacher: Why did you say? Akpors: Read your bible carefully sir, when Jesus
called Lazarus he included his surname Teacher: How? Akpors: He called with a loud voice saying
=============== ­=============== ­==== Principal: Why were u absent yesterday? Akpors: Iattended a burial Principal: Hmmmm ! Akpors the professional
lateness specialist, nothing will stop me from
punishing u. Now answer me......Who died? Akpors: You see, the first son of the cousins of my
grand mother's youngest nephew who is also the
youngest step-brother to the woman who gave
birth to my uncle's youngest step-son and he was
also........... ­ ...! Principal: Alright.....Alr ­ight...Oo!...Thats enough...Oo!..
Just go to the class!
=============== ­=============== ­==== Akpors goes into a chemist, reaches into his pocket
and takes out a small bottle and a teaspoon. He pours some liquid onto the teaspoon and offers
it to the chemist's assistant. "Could you taste this please?" says Akpors Chemist Assistant takes the teaspoon, put it in his
mouth swills the liquid and swallow it.. "Does it taste sweet?" says Akpors "No, not at all" says Chemist Assistant. "Good" says Akpors....."the ­ doctor told me to come
here and get my urine tested for sugar" The Chemist Assistant fainted!
=============== ­=============== ­==== A conversation between Akpors and his wife
Ekaette Akpors: Honey, I have a problem at work. Ekaette: Point of correction, never say "I" but"WE".
We are one now, your problem is my problem. Akpors: Ok honey, our secretary is pregnant for us.
=============== ­=============== ­==== Akpors enters Supermarket to buy himself orange
juice and sugar. He paid for the orange juice and walked out with
the sugar under his arm, unpaid. At the door he was arrested and locked up. During the court hearing, the judge asked him why
he paid for the juice only and stole the sugar? He replied, "I do not steal. At the back of the juice bottle is
SUGAR FREE! You think I am silly or what?"

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